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NAIDOC Perth 2023 Events

NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. The week is a great opportunity to participate in a range of activities and to support your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

NAIDOC Perth focuses on the celebration and positive promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and communities. In addition to the national awards and celebrations during NAIDOC week, the NAIDOC Perth committee manages four major events open to the Western Australian public each year. The NAIDOC Perth events are as follows:

NAIDOC Perth Awards

13 May 2023

Miss/Mr NAIDOC Perth

3 JUNE 2023

NAIDOC Perth Opening Ceremony

2 JULY 2023

NAIDOC Perth Ball

15 JULY 2023

NAIDOC Perth Community Events

In addition to the official NAIDOC Perth committee managed events, there are a number of other fantastic independent community managed NAIDOC Week 2023 events for you to discover and attend. If you would like to list your event on this page, please email us at info@naidocperth.org.au.